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British Fencing Membership

Types of Membership

The cost and type of membership varies according to which Home Country you need to join. The Home Country you should join usually depends on where you live. If you wish to represent another Home Country because of where you were born or ancestry then there are some restrictions and rules.


Membership Benefits:

  • Personal accident (for which cover ceases at 75 and is limited for U16) & civil liability insurance cover (there is no age limit in respect of the Public/Civil Liability cover for members).
  • Members Over 18: Notices of general meetings;. right to vote at general meetings and right to vote in ballots for election of directors.
  • Competitions: All relevant British and International events. Subject to age restrictions and any restrictions imposed by the Organiser.
  • The Sword magazine.

Full Membership £40.00
Under-20 Membership £30.00
Under-13 Membership £25.00
Social Membership £10.00

To enter a competition full membership is required.

Social Membership is intended for starter groups or fencers who only wish to fence socially within their registered club. Please note that for the purposes of social membership, a Club is defined as a group of individuals meeting at one venue only and only covers fencing within that venue. The Club must be an affiliated and paid-up member of British Fencing.

Membership is for a calendar year, rolling on on the anniversary of joining (email alert) and is best organised online before you need it, but only just before, to get the best out of it.

Click here to join or renew membership with British Fencing.

Competition Results

Yorkshire Senior Epee 2018

Men's Epee (16)

Guy Haley - 11th
Paul Halliday - 13th
Ross Barker - 14th

Manchester Epee Open 2017

Men's Epee (19)

Paul Halliday - 12th
Ross Barker - 16th
Guy Haley - 19th

Northern Team Foil 2017

Mixed Foil (7)

Bradford Bacofoilers - 7th

Northern Team Foil 2017

Men's Foil (8)

Bradford Vets - 8th

British Veterans Championships 2017

Men's Epee - Category 1 (19)

Paul Halliday - 18th

Yorkshire Senior Foil 2017

Men's Foil (25)

Will Lawrance - 11th
Paul Halliday - 18th
Guy Haley - 19th
Vyom Gera - 20th

Women's Foil (11)

Alice Kukuruzovic - 11th

Boy's U14s Foil (9)

Matthew Stapleton - 6th

Merseyside Open 2017

Men's Epee (82)

Guy Haley - 70th

Men's Sabre (51)

Tim Noble - 48th

Trans-Pennine Epee Open 2017

Men's Epee (19)

Paul Halliday - 12th
Guy Haley - 16th

Yorkshire Senior Epee 2017

Men's Epee (17)

Guy Haley - 9th
Paul Halliday - 16th

The Welsh Open - Men's Foil 2016

Men's Foil (102)

Will Lawrance - 54th

Leeds Open - Men's Foil 2016

Men's Foil (72)

Will Lawrance - 36th
Guy Haley - 53rd
Paul Halliday - 54th

Men's Epee (73)

Guy Haley - 55th
Paul Halliday - 56th
Will Lawrance - 70th

Men's Sabre (47)

Tim Noble - 41st

Veteran's Winton Cup 2016

Regional Team (9)

Yorkshire - 5th w/Paul Halliday (MF) & Tim Noble (MS)

Yorkshire Team Foil 2016

Mixed Foil (10)

Bradford Misspent Youth - 6th
Bradford Doomed Youth - 10th

Yorkshire Senior Foil 2016

Men's Foil (24)

Will Lawrance - 7th
Paul Halliday - 19th

Yorkshire Senior Epee 2016

Men's Epee (15)

Paul Halliday - 12th
Guy Haley - 15th

Yorkshire Novice Epee 2016

Men's Epee (?)

Guy Haley - 3rd

Leeds Open 2015

Men's Epee (65)

Will Lawrance - 50th

Yorkshire Team Foil 2015

Mixed Foil (14)

Bradford Bulls - 10th
Bradford Bantams - 14th

Uhlmann Trophy 2015

Men's Epee (36)

Peter Fletcher - 32nd

Yorkshire Senior Foil 2015

Men's Foil (26)

Paul Halliday - 13th
Peter Fletcher - 22nd
James Hopkins - 23rd
Guy Haley - 24th
Nassar Ali - 26th

York Open 2014

Men's Foil (49)

Paul Halliday - 41st
Peter Fletcher - 45th
Abdul Choudhury - 49th

Men's Epee (54)

Paul Halliday - 45th
Peter Fletcher - 46th

Men's Sabre (8)

Tim Noble - 7th

Yorkshire Team Foil 2014

Mixed Foil (16)

Bradford Lister - 10th
Bradford Titus - 14th

Yorkshire Senior Foil 2014

Men's Foil (28)

Lloyd Thompson - 10th
Paul Halliday - 20th

Yorkshire Novice Epee 2014

Men's Epee (8)

Paul Halliday - 3rd
Nic Roper - 3rd
Peter Fletcher - 6th

Women's Epee (6)

Kat Robinson - 5th

Yorkshire Senior Epee 2014

Men's Epee (16)

Paul Halliday - 14th
Nic Roper - 15th
Peter Fletcher - 16th

Women's Epee (11)

Kat Robinson - 11th

Uhlmann Trophy 2014

Men's Epee (37)

Paul Halliday - 30th

The Bay Open 2013

Mixed Foil (17)

Lloyd Thompson - 10th

Mixed Epee (21)

Peter Fletcher - 18th
Kat Robinson - 21st

Mixed Sabre (10)

Tim Noble - 6th

Leeds Open 2013

Men's Foil (71)

George Karpov - 67th

York Open 2013

Men's Foil (48)

Paul Halliday - 37th
Peter Fletcher - 43rd

Men's Epee (41)

Peter Fletcher - 35th
Paul Halliday - 37th

Men's Sabre (27)

Tim Noble - 20th

Yorkshire Team Foil 2013

Mixed Foil (16)

Bradford A - 12th
Bradford B - 15th

Uhlmann Trophy 2013

Men's Foil (49)

Lloyd Thompson - 40th
Peter Fletcher - 44th
Ross Barker - 46th

Men's Epee (61)

Peter Fletcher - 49th

Sheffield Novice 2013

Mixed Foil (3)

Lloyd Thompson - 1st
Ross Barker - 3rd

Mixed Epee (7)

Lloyd Thompson - 5th
Ross Barker - 7th

Sheffield 2013

Men's Epee (?)

Peter Fletcher - 9th

Men's Sabre (?)

Tim Noble - 6th

Competition Photographs

Back Row Left to Right: Nassar, Ross & Paul
Front Row Left to Right: Pete, Guy & Bex

Yorkshire Team Foil 2014
Yorkshire Team Foil 2014
Left to Right: Peter Fletcher, Paul Halliday, Pete Reynolds, Amy Fallon, Lloyd Thompson & Abdul Choudhury

Yorkshire Epee 2014
Yorkshire Epee 2014
Left to Right: Peter Fletcher, Kat Robinson, Paul Halliday & Nic Roper

Yorkshire Team Foil 2013
Yorkshire Team Foil 2013
Back Row Left to Right: Paul Halliday, Jacob Parker-Basu & Bex Dunn
Front Row Left to Right: Ross Barker, Jonathan Dunn, James Hopkins & Lloyd Thompson

Sheffield Novice Foil 2013
Sheffield Novice Foil 2013
Left to Right: Nessa Butler (2nd), Lloyd Thompson (1st) & Ross Barker (3rd)