We offer a 10 session beginners course where we will teach you all the basics you will need to start fencing. We have a maximum size of 12 people per group this allows us to give group and one to one coaching effectively.

Everyone in the session will have little or no experience with fencing so everybody starts at the same level.

We ask that anyone joining the session is aged 13 on the start date of the course. We ask that anyone under 16 provide us with parental or legal guardian’s consent.

There is no maximum age; our club has a wide range of ages in our members from 12 to over 50.

We do allow people under 13 to join the course but this is strictly at the coach’s discretion and subject to meeting them and their legal guardian before the coarse start date.


We usually hold three 10-week beginners’ courses each year, one starting towards the end of September, the next starting some time in January, and another starting sometime after Easter.

The starting dates can be found out around these times by contacting the Recreation Centre on 01274 436021 and reserving a place, or by emailing:

Tim Noble (Coach) at



  • a perfect form of cardiovascular exercise.
  • helps develop muscle strength, flexibility and co-ordination.
  • allows you to burn calories, lose weight and tone up


  • helps relieve stress
  • helps develop powers of observation and understanding of strategy
  • helps develop judgement and deduction skills so as to anticipate your opponent’s actions
  • help develop problem solving skills


  • fencing is a very social activity that provides regular interaction with other like-minded individuals
  • fencing can help boost your self-esteem and promote self-discipline, self-assurance, and responsibility


There are three weapon's disciplines in fencing Foil, Epee and Sabre each is very different but all have the basics in common. That is why all fencers start by learning foil fencing.

At Bradford fencing club we offer all three disciplines which you will be able to try after completing our beginners course in foil.

Here are brief descriptions of the weapon disciplines of modern fencing:

Foil Foil Target Area

Foil - is the art of hitting your opponent with the point of your sword, without them being able to touch your blade. It is highly focused on swordplay as well as displaying your skill and knowlage with a sword. You may only score points by hitting the torso.

Sabre Sabre Target Area

Sabre - is similar to foil in its display of swordsmand ship. points are scored by slashing your opponent rather than hitting with the point and hitting anywhere above the waist. This requires very different use of the wepon to foil.

Epee Epee Target Area

Epee - is the art of hitting your opponent without them being able to hit you. The target area is the entire body and both fencers may score points at the same time. It was developed to be as close to duelling as possible.

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