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3rd August 2017

August Newsletter

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11th March 2017

Yorkshire Youth League - March Leg

Congratulations to Vyom Gera and Sam Amos who won podium positions at the March Leg of the Yorkshire Youth League. Both qualify for the British Youth Championships!

Yorkshire Youth League U16 Sabre Semi-Final
Vyom Gera & Sam Amos 15-11

Yorkshire Youth League Medals
Vyom Gera (Right) Silver & Sam Amos (Left) Bronze

19th February 2017

The Bradford-Leeds Fencing Challenge

The Bradford-Leeds Fencing Challenge becomes an annual fixture!

The second competition for this trophy differed from the first in venue,number of weapons fenced, some participants, but not, unfortunately for Bradford, in result.

The 2017 event included all three weapons, and also involved two fencers who fence in a wheelchair. With 2 matches won by each side, Epee and Foil “B” by Bradford, and Foil “A” and Sabre by Leeds, but all the wheelchair bouts won by Leeds, Leeds came out on top once more.

The Epee and Foil “B” matches set the ball rolling, Bradford epee team (James Hopkins, Paul Halliday, Guy Haley) taking an early lead and maintaining it through the match, winning 45-20 over an experienced Leeds team (Claudia Baxter, Moya McNamara, Paul Sinfield).

The Foil”B” match included 4 fencers who only started fencing within the last year. The Leeds team (Lucas Stanley, Mbongeni Zwangobani, Katie Marchant) all from last autumns beginners course, started behind, went ahead, fell behind, and from then on Bradford (Marc Wilcox, Alice Kukurozovic, Lucas Naylor) maintained a narrow lead, winning 45-40.

Meanwhile the wheelchair bouts all went the way of the Leeds fencers (Andy Whiter, Franco Menic). First the Bradford Sabre team took on Andy, then the Bradford Foil “B” team fenced Franco. The fact that an able-bodied fencer can take on a wheelchair user, sitting in a wheelchair fixed to a special metal frame, is one of the great facts about this sport. The Bradford fencers, unused to being unable to run away, were maybe even at a disadvantage!

The final matches went inexorably to Leeds ...

The Sabre team (Alex Gray, Alison Ruff, Ben Laker) won heavily in a 45-17 win. Bradford (Sam Amos, Pete Fletcher, Vyom Gera) could not match their speed and experience.

The Leeds Foil”A” (Nick Stokes, Bertie Mandall, Kieran Sinfield) went ahead of Bradford (Paul Halliday, James Hopkins, Will Lawrance) early, and stayed ahead, despite Will Lawrance's best efforts. In effect, he won all his 3 fights, clawing back leads on two occasions and scoring 24 of the teams points. Nick Stokes held out against him for a 45-37 win.

Efforts will be made to make sure this team event carries on as an annual event – next year at Bradford, perhaps with additions or refinements, but definitely with efforts to include as big a range of the two club's fencers as possible.

Both clubs run beginners courses, Leeds on Mondays at Kirkstall Leisure Centre, and Bradford on Tuesdays at Thornton Recreation Centre. Contact the Centres or the club websites for information.

Bradford-Leeds Challenge - Foil A Teams
Bradford Foil A - Paul Halliday, Will Lawrance & James Hopkins v Leeds Foil A - Bertie Mandall, Nick Stokes & Kieran Sinfield

[Left] Bradford-Leeds Challenge 2017 - Foil B Team
Bradford Foil B - Lucas Naylor, Alice Kukurozovic & Marc Naylor

[Right] Bradford-Leeds Challenge 2017 - Sabre Team
Bradford Sabre - Sam Amos, Vyom Gera & Pete Fletcher