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29th November 2015

Yorkshire Youth League Finals

Triple Medal Success for Bradford Fencers!

Sam Turner overcame understandable nerves to mark her first ever fencing competition with a Bronze medal. Jordan Garcia is getting to be an old hand at this competition lark and won a bronze medal for himself. Both started fencing at Titus Salt School, with plastic kit at first, at the after-school club coached by Tim Noble.

Sam performed well, losing in her semi-final to the eventual winner of the girls under-16 Foil event at the Yorkshire Youth League finals held at Wakefield on Sunday. Jordan won his quarter final, but he too lost his semi match to clinch Titus Salt school's first double-medal haul.

Jordan Garcia & Sam Turner with their Bronze medals in foil

Titus Salt fencing club is a satellite club for Bradford Fencing club, where Sam Amos, another old hand, practices his sabre technique each week. Sam Amos finished the day off in fine style, adding a third bronze. His third place finish was in the boys under-14 sabre, and adds to his medal haul for 2015.

Sam Amos with his Bronze medal for sabre

Fencers new and old are welcome at Thornton Recreation Centre on Tuesday evenings. The next beginners course will be starting in January.

13th September 2015

Yorkshire Youth League Sabre

Silver for Sam!

Sam Amos came close to winning Gold at the Yorkshire Youth League at Hemsworth, as he came up against a fencer he had beaten in the first round. However, fencing isn't always predictable, and his opponent ran up a good lead by the break. Sam adjusted his distance a little, and pulled the score back with a series of beat attacks, but the eventual winner managed to combat this successfully in the closing hits.

Sam Amos

4th December 2015

Yorkshire Youth League Foil

Bronze for Jordan

Jordan Garcia made the podium in the under 16s foil and in the under 14s, Harry Ryan presented for his first fencing competition. Against more seasoned opposition he struggled to hit the two taller, faster, more experienced fencers in his pool but did better against another less street-wise lad. In his knockout round, against this same lad, he started to get into the swing of things, hitting with some good ripostes and delivering more positive attacks. So, although he lost that round and finished fifth overall, he can be pleased with his performance and know he will never be in his first fencing comp ever again!

Jordan Garcia (Right)

28th June 2015

Yorkshire Team Foil Competition

Bulls Beat Bantams!

That is how it was at fencing, anyway, in the Yorkshire Team Foil competition at Penistone last weekend. Bradford Fencing club, as last year, had two teams entered. The more experienced “Bulls”, Paul Halliday, Pete Fletche & Guy Haley came in tenth, while "Bantams" Bex Dunn, Ross Barker & Nassar Ali finished 14th. In all 16 teams from all over Yorkshire entered, and all enjoyed a very full day of enthusiastic competitive fencing.

The results matched those of last year, which disappointed some of our number hoping for improvement. Cause for encouragement was the participation of veterans of this competition: Paul, Pete, Bex & Ross, alongside two newbies: Guy & Nassar. Guy is an experienced fencer returning to the sport and enjoying a renaissance at Bradford, while Nassar only started fencing in September 2014 when he joined our beginners course. This event was his first team competition, although he entered the Yorkshire Foil individual event in April.

The format was the same as last year with all places fully fencer for, so there was a full days fencing which was of a very keen and competitive nature, something like 45 fencers or more, at least 5 matches each team and between 15 & 21 bouts each fencer!

One of the advantages of fencing as a sport is its inclusiveness. In all there were 2 all female teams and our Bantams were one of 5 mixed teams – all competing on equal footing. And age is no barrier either, with 14-year olds competing against Veterans in their 50s, and all ages in between.

Back Row Left to Right: Nassar, Ross & Paul
Front Row Left to Right: Pete, Guy & Bex

26th March 2015

Club Kit

Great news on electrics - at last we have enough funds from memberships to have bought two shiny new Favero spools to go with the Leon Paul three-weapon recording box we bought last year. So, now we can have two electric boxes up and running every week, even if one is old timings and only foil and epee.

With this in mind, fencers should be kitting themselves up with body wires and breeches, and coming to the club all ready to go.

15th March 2015

Yorkshire Youth League Sabre

Success for Bradford Fencing Club as Sabreur Sam Amos has qualified for the final stages of the British Youth Championships by taking Silver in the Yorkshire Youth Championships last weekend.

This is a very creditable performance by Sam, who will go to Sheffield's English Institute of Sport in May to compete with the best sabrefencers in the country.

Sam Amos