News Archive for 2014

7th December 2014

Yorkshire Training Day - Bingley Grammar School

Attention any fencer free on Sunday 7th December who wants to improve their technique - there is a Yorkshire Training Day at Bingley Grammar School, 10.00 - 16.00, £25, with top-class foil, sabre, and epee coaches - details are on the Yorkshire Fencing website.

4th of December 2014

Yorkshire Youth League Sabre

Sam Amos took part in his second competition when he travelled to Wakefield to compete in the Yorkshire Youth League under-14 sabre. He was the only Bradford fencer competing but did the club proud.

The younger members of the club do not have to wait long for the next competition-the first round of the Yorkshire Youth League in 2015 takes place on Sunday 25th January at Wakefield - details are on the Yorkshire Fencing website.

29th of June 2014

Yorkshire Team Foil Competition

Six fencers from Bradford Fencing Club fencing for a whole day, representing our club and having a damn good time.

There were 14 teams altogether. Men, women, younger and older. The best fencers in the county and some of the newest too. Some battle-hardened by numerous past fights, and some in their first competition. 6 or 7 matches each. 18 or 21 bouts. Looking after 2 teams from Bradford Fencing Club, Coach Tim Noble assumed a supervisory role but was soon wishing he was in there fighting too, even though he's more of a sabreur!

I cannot recommend the competition enough. Abdul Choudhury and Amy Fallon were in their first competition, but were able to fence a huge variety of fencers of a wide range of abilities, enjoying the company and close support of their team-mate Pete Fletcher. This Bradford team ‘Titus’ unfortunately lost all their matches and finished 14th, but the experience and enjoyment will have been invaluable.

They did not have to cross swords with the other Bradford team ‘Lister’, which was Paul Halliday, Lloyd Thompson, and Pete Reynolds, who won 2 out of 7 matches and finished a brilliant 10th.

The competition is run every year by Adam Blight and Barnsley Fencing Club, usually early in July. The format is such that as the day progresses, teams fence other teams nearer and nearer their own ability, so you can finish your day in a close match where you are as likely to win as lose.

My best memory from the day? Amy, who started fencing in September 2013 getting 3 good hits on one of the most experienced fencers there – simply by being aggressive and hitting the shiny bit!

Left to Right: Pete, Paul, Pete, Amy, Lloyd & Abdul

12th of January 2014

The Fantastic Four

Four fencers from Bradford Fencing Club were recently engaged in duels for the Yorkshire Epee titles. At Halifax College on Sunday 12th January Peter Fletcher, Paul Halliday, Kat Robinson, and Nick Roper competed in both the Junior and Senior competitions. Nick Roper, in his first ever competition, and Paul Halliday, both came home with Bronze medals for equal third place.

They all performed creditably in the Senior event, where they met a number of experienced fencers including the best epeeists in Yorkshire!

Left to Right: Pete, Paul, Kat & Nic